Sunday, February 4, 2018

The HOME SPA Experience

Just because you have a small bathroom to renovate doesn't mean you can't have luxurious amenities... Like a Mr. Steam unit  , in fact .... You SHOULD incorporate them to make up for the lack of space.  Here is one of our projects where we didn't let the size of the bathroom hold us back from creating a Spa retreat for our client.   Adding a Mr. Steam unit with aroma therapy was as must. It is not only a health benefit , it also instantly increases the equity of your home , so it's a win, win. Not to mention the luxury of having a "spa" at home.
Bathroom Design by : Erica Islas, EMI Interior Design , Inc.

iTempoPlus Keypad control

Here's just a few of our favorites benefits associated with Steam Bathing are :
  • Respiratory Health -opens up nasal passages
  • Skin Care - cleanses the skin
  • Holistic Health -removes toxins from body
  • Well- Being- relieves stress 
  • Physical Wellness - increases blood circulation
There are SO many other benefits and reasons why a Mr. Steam unit is a MUST in your next renovation...check out this link here and see all the benefits for yourself.

This photo below shows you a BEFORE PHOTO of the renovated bathroom with steam unit above , we did push wall back 18" simply to get more counter space at the vanity , but the shower/ tub area stayed the same 36" .
Spa bathroom

Having a steam unit is one thing.... having aromatherapy with it is even better .... BUT Mr. Steam units don't Stop there.... You can also have Chroma Therapy system and also add Audio system .  Best part is you can control from your smart phones.   We just finished a project using the Audio System with Mr.Steam in shower ceiling speakers ( which we will be photographing soon) and our client can not get enough of their new bathroom.  We have given them a fully customized home sanctuary . As Mr. Steam describes on their website and gets into the history of it .... "Our contemporary need to find a tranquil escape in steam has extensive and long-standing roots". With latest the technology and advancements in plumbing , it is now so much more readily available to us ... literally at our fingertips.  

 iSteam3 Touch Screen Control
SteamLinx Mobile App

 WiFi enabled system is compatible with ALL Mr. Steam Shower controls

Music Therapy with the Audio 3 System
glass tile
After Renovation  - Spa at home 

Spa bathroom
BEFORE Renovation

Of Course you DON'T have to renovate a bathroom to add a Mr. Steam unit , in fact... you can simply add one to an existing shower ..... That's my next project I can show you in another blog post how easy it is.

Want to try out ?   Use their Virtual Spa to see what it takes to get yours.

The Towel Warmer Collections from Mr. Steam is available in a variety of dimensions and finishes.
This new one from their Lexington collection, it has wider bars to extend warmth on towels, it's the perfect enhancement for contemporary spa bathrooms. Comes with a digital timer allowing for convenient pre-start and automatic shutoff .

Mr. Steam is one the sponsors for Modenus BlogtourKBIS Orlando .  I was very thankful to be included in this sponsored trip .  I have always been a BIG Fan of their product and have been using it since I started in the design industry 20 something years ago . So I write this blogpost from first hand experience because I LOVE their product , NOT because they are a sponsor. I have spec'd their product many, many times and all my clients have been very pleased. I LOVE everything they do and stand for .  WE LOVE Mr. Steam,  because they make us all FEEL GOOD ! 


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