Monday, January 22, 2018

Vanity Cabinetry re-imagined by DXV and OH! the NEW TUB!

So excited to see many brands this year starting to compartmentalize cabinetry to make them more versatile and functional.    One Brand in particular this year at KBIS was DXV, and not just because they happen to be one of our sponsors for Modenus Blogtour KBIS2018, BUT seriously, they knocked it out of the park with their minimalist design ... offering maximum flexibility in installation.  It truly feels like a custom vanity I would design for a client.  What they did is awesome.  Check it out.... It's called DXV Modulus Collection.

Which by the way include lighting and mirrors too! 

 Also LOVE that they offer the lavatory sink in either white or smoke concrete and sizes range from 21"wide to 55"wide !  

Another FUN detail is the coordinating solid surface accessory tray that is designed to integrate perfectly onto the adjoining transition zone. This rectangular tray can easily be moved and stored in the matching wall-mounted DXV Modulus vanity or storage cabinet drawers.

DXV Modulus Double Lavatory and Accessories
Their entire plumbing fixture line for this collection is great!  Streamline and Chic.  Lines are soft and proportions are perfect.  It has a really timeless look which as you probably know is what I LOVE most about anything in design.   Check out their site and see for yourself.

Oh and I just have to share this gorgeous SPA TUB from DXV too.... It's a drop in airbath not on the market quiet yet... it just debut at KBIS .   It has an elongated spout accentuated by light , the water falls gently on your shoulders as you rest your head on the comfy pillow, you can then turn on your air bubble or not for an incredble spa experience.

Without a doubt one of my favorites at KBIS this Year !

Friday, January 19, 2018

Layering with Metrie : Architectural Interior moldings

A lot of my clients come to me with an idea of what they want their spaces to look like , they describe the style , the colors, materials ,  but they rarely mention the moldings and the treatments of the walls or ceilings.... that's usually my job to show them and educate them on what makes a finished interior space.  We interior designers layer spaces .  We layer materials , textures, color and MOLDINGS.  Moldings is a BIG factor in the layering process, it adds depth and dimension.  It gives spaces their architectural landscape and makes the room /space complete.

Last week , I was invited by Modenus and their wonderful sponsors to attend the KBIS /IBIS show in Orlando Florida along with 24 other influential interior designers and bloggers for an Educational/  FUN packed 3 days of everything Kitchen,Bath, and Construction and lot's of shop talk .

It's taken me a week to decompress from all the information I obtained ... my brain has been on sensory overload .  So much to see and experience.  Lot's of great new (to me) product and new advances in technology made for an amazing show.  And now,  I would love to share with you , some my inspirational finds Starting with one of our sponsors.  ( more KBIS blog posts to follow )  
 If you don't already know about Metrie, they are a wonderful source for interior trims, moldings and doors.  Not only are they the largest manufacturer of interior finishings for North America, they have been around for 90 years.   For those of you who already know about them, spec them and use them,  Bet you were excited to see the latest product solution they just debuted,  It is one of my Favorites !  For those who don't know,  It's called Option M .  

Option M is a curated selection of baseboards, crown moldings, trims, casings, doors , All perfectly packaged into 5 different styles - Bohemian, New Traditional, Modern Farmhouse , Shabby Chic & Vintage Industrial to make it easy for the homeowner, builder or designer to spec & use.  

We use trim moldings in all of our projects , even the most contemporary homes we do .  Moldings add that layer I was talking about earlier.  It gives the space it's architectural style and makes the space complete .

I Invite you to visit Metrie's website and see the wonderful product they have.  Option M is just one of their many collections. They also have decorative doors.  Go and Explore the possibilities.

Here are some photos of the little vignettes of their KBIS Booth in Orlando that I took last week .
You can see how instantly a space is transformed and defined by a style.

Ship lap for your next Modern Farmhouse or Beach house project
Applied trim molding to walls.

And DON'T forget the 5th wall ! Metrie and their talented designers did a beautiful job at KBIS on their displays/ vignettes at their booth with ceiling treatments! We just recently did this in our award winning kitchen project too ( see previous Blog post) .

Peek a boo! Loving all the displays of Metrie's Ceiling

Metrie Ceiling photo
Here's an example of how we used molding in one of our projects.  The Pasadena Showcase house (below) we did the Cloakroom and Lavatory where the walls were plain, lacked any architectural style and the proportions/ scale was off .  By adding molding we solved both these issues. 
See our before and after.  

This before photo below shows you that not even this tapestry or large mirror could help this space feel proportioned... if anything... this homeowner made it worse / amplified with the over-scaled items in a narrow space . 


Molding height strategically placed 3/4 of the way up in Cloak room brings ceiling down /wallpaper by BlackCrowStudios
You can still hang things on wall Overlapping molding like this mirror

Wainscot Molding in the Bathroom instead was lower than the cloakroom for better proportion
So the next time you start an interior design project , don't overlook using moldings.  It can be done simple or over the top , what ever your preference .  That layer is not just an added detail,  it is a foundation for great design.  Give your space the architectural detail it deserves. 
  THANK YOU Metrie for the wonderful tour of your Booth ! It was inspiring !   


Monday, January 8, 2018

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Viking Design Award

Viking Design Award
I'm absolutely thrilled to receive this design award from Viking ! To learn more about this kitchen and this wonderful award please click on the link above. 

 Get the Look : Shop similar items here !