Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Light and Airy Kitchen Reno

I LOVE a good Kitchen Reno. 
I LOVE a good Kitchen Reno.  Especially when you are dealing with a VERY old layout!  In today's day and age - Open floor plans are very popular ,  especially in the kitchen and dining areas.  They are functional , inviting and they let light flow from room to room.  As you can see in this space below (in the before image) the Kitchen was very Dark and

Making sure all is correct!
This new kitchen is timeless,  Light and airy.  Simple and Classic , with a surprise pop of color at the end of the kitchen .  This Rust Orange wainscot adds warmth to an otherwise cooler pallet.  It is important to balance out the space with Cool tones and warm tones.  
NEW Powder Room

This Newly added powder bathroom would NOT be the same had we NOT done the Rust Orange wainscot.  Although it is small it adds depth and texture to the space.  Do not be afraid to add wainscot to small spaces, NO it will NOT look too small, it will make the space SO much more interesting.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A YEAR in The Life of an Interior Designer -reflection on 2013

Take a peek into my interior design adventures of 2013... It was an incredible Year filled with great moments.  I traveled a lot and met a lot of wonderful people.  I am so grateful to everyone in this book and others who I don't have pictures of , who made such an impact on my life this past year.   I put this album together for me as a keepsake but then I thought... why not share it.  So here it is .

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

High Point Market Product Preview Twitter Chat

Product Preview Twitter Chat

High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina, is like the New York Fashion Week for interior design and home furnishings. Designers, retailers and media descend on the small town with big furniture clout, to the tune of nearly 80,000 from across the globe, to be the first to see the new goods and purchase them.Thibaut
Decor Mentor is kicking off the market countdown by sharing a preview of top home furnishings yet to be seen [ they are debuting at the October Fall market ] in an official partnership with The High Point Market. What will our team curate? Join Kati CurtisErica IslasElaine WilliamsonJennifer Brouwer Beth DotoloJames Saavedra  Lisa Kahn and Lisa Ferguson to find out what we are loving from High Point Market exhibitors. They moved around their photography schedules to make these photos available for the very special sneak peek. It is kind of like the pre-stylespotters!
Join the Decor Mentor and High Point Market teams for the global Market Preview Twitter Chat Wednesday, September 25th 6-7pmEST and use #HPmkt hashtag. We will be sharing images [ we have them pinned to secret pinterest boards! ], events and trends and it’s a great chance for you to connect and ask questions!
Our favourite way to chat?
  • We like to use http://tweetchat.com/room/HPmkt [ automatically adds the hashtag #HPmkt to your tweets and you can control the speed ].
  • You can also use twitter management apps like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck and set up a column with the hashtag #HPmkt
—-We actually do both! Tweetchat for being in the conversation and another screen open in Hootsuite to watch our mentions and respond!
We hope you will join us!
RE-POST - original Post by Lisa Ferguson of Decor Mentor

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Small Kitchen Made Big

Before Photo
This small, dated, and cramped kitchen nestled in the beautiful hills of Silverlake was in dire need of help. It was not functional, nor did it fit the style of rest of the home, a very cute mid century modern house.

So a renovation was in order.

Our goal was to make the kitchen appear bigger using same footprint by utilizing the space better and bringing in more light.

It's not always necessary to bust out a wall to make a kitchen bigger.

Utilizing vertical space it key in smaller spaces like this one.  In this case we had to remove the soffits.   Always do exploratory holes to see what is behind them before you go tearing anything out.  There was nothing behind our clients soffit's so out they went.

Taking out the soffit not only opens up the space and makes it feel bigger,  but it also allows you to take the cabinets higher, which draws your eye up , making space feel bigger.

The nature inspired color palette we chose here also helps space feel more open and welcoming. Connecting the indoor to the outdoor expands a space.
Design By: Erica Islas / EMI Interior Design, inc.  / photo credit : David Young-Wolff

Putting in a laminated glass door also helps bring more light into space, making space feel bigger too. 

photo of Renovation in progress..... Stripped to the studs...
Of course to get the kitchen looking good , we needed to start from scratch.....Same footprint , stripped to the studs, and everything new.
before photo


Counter depth refrigerators are also KEY in small spaces.
Cabinet above fridge opens up for easy accessibility.
Moved washer/dryer to this side of the kitchen next to pantry to keep all the tall, vertical cabinets on one side.

Progress photos of renovation. Opened up a little window on this back wall to draw in more light as well as add an architectural detail to space.
 BEFORE, obviously NOT functional .

Design by : EMI Interior Design, inc.
Materials : Custom Cherry Cabinets , Caesar Stone Quartz Reflection countertops, glass backsplash, Cork Floors
Photo Credit: David Young-Wolff

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Art on the Road - The Cadillac Ranch

Me tagging my name :)
I took an awesome family road trip this summer, ( Los Angeles, California to Amarillo, Texas ) stopping along some really fun spots, including driving on stretches of route 66 in Arizona and New Mexico too.  I posted photos along the way on INSTAGRAM....you should check them out....fun photos. 

Does this look familiar?  Well if you have seen Cars the Disney movie or been to Disney's California Adventure (New Cars Land - "Cadillac Range") you've seen the mountains that look like tailfins of Cadillacs, well this is where the Disney Imagineers got their inspiration from.   

Thank goodness my husband likes to do a lot of research before we take vacations....because this is one  spot I really would not have wanted to miss.  It was inspirational . As an artist, I really appreciated the crazy over the top idea of buried Cadillacs, I especially love the fact that this is now a public art installation.  This colorful sculpture installation is on an open field (property owned by Stanley Marsh 3) off the 1-40 Hwy (hard to really make out from afar , so it's a must you get out and walk up to see these up close). Visitors are encouraged to stop by bring their own spray paint cans and spray paint their own designs.  My kids had a blast too unleashing their inner artists....tagging on these Cadillacs .   If you are ever near Amarillo , Texas,  I would say it's worth your time to stop by and unleash your inner artist too.

Cadillac Ranch photo by : Erica Islas
walking up to the Cadillacs....you can smell the spray paint
Family Photo

Believe it or not, this avant-garde installation was originally done in 1974 by a group of architects a collective group called Ant Farm.  Since then , this sculpture has been repainted various colors for movies or special events and of course daily changes with visitors who come to do their own masterpieces.  Whether you are a car aficionado,  an artist, a Disney fanatic or simply love road trips , It is a fun little stop along historic route 66 with a great photo Op.

BE Inspired !

Monday, July 29, 2013

Scene in LA - Angeleno Magazine

Just a little mention + photo (with husband) in Angeleno magazine (July issue)
 p.109-Scene in L.A.

You might remember back in May I designed a carry-on (click here for info) for the Architecture + Design Museum Gala...Well that's what this lil' mention is about .

"THE PARTY : Design devotees gathered for Celebrate: The Journey, the Architecture + Design Museum's traveled themed gala and runway show featuring the greatest design feats in carry-on luggage."  it goes on to mention.....
"THE PLAYERS: David Hertz, Erica Islas, John Dale, Billy Rose, Jeff Kohl, Kim Mills......"  etc.....