Friday, September 4, 2015


 I am always thrilled to partake in the highly anticipated High Point Market Preview Chat , not only is there incredible product to pick TOP FAVORITES from , but it is SO wonderful to connect with vendors, manufacturers,  trade publications , designers and design enthusiasts from around the Globe!  The preview chat is fast and furious and could easily be another hour .  The favorite picks are tweeted out , one by one by the Decormentor team and in the end , you are left with wanting more.... These Curated boards below show you a little glimpse of the design aesthetic of each of the talented women I had the pleasure of Co-hosting with.   I am honored to share the experience with them and I am inspired by their curated selections and invite you to look them up and be inspired too.

High Point Market 2015 Fall taking place OCTOBER 17-22, 2015 for more info click here

To see ALL the TOP Preview Picks - Product info click here 

Create! Inspire! and BE INSPIRED! 

Beth Dotolo & Carolina V Gentry

Jennifer Brouwer

Erica Islas

Kati Curtis

Lisa Ferguson

Lisa Kahn

Friday, April 24, 2015

Monday, September 8, 2014

Inspiring Weekend

Happy Monday !
Hope your weekend was as inspiring as mine.  If you missed the Sunset Idea House here are some photos I took during my visit.  House designed by DISC Interiors.  I found the details in this home to be very refreshing, it was unlike other show houses I've been to , where I feel " been there/ done that".  This house was truly inspiring.  Bravo to the collaboration of talented designers, architects, craftsmen , tradesmen involved.  It was nicely done.  Nothing over the top, just simple modern sensibilities.
....and then to top off the weekend....I went to see Frank Lloyd Wrights Ennis House - the largest of Wrights four Los Angeles-area "textile block" houses .

Where do you find your inspiration?

The Shadow Molding detail seen through out the house blew me away.  

Organic Colors & Textures inside and out

The Powder Bathroom wallpaper - I always say - GO BOLD especially in smaller spaces, BIG patterns go a long way .  

 How amazing is this recessed Baseboard detail?
 Another Favorite.... the first step 
 I mean come on!!! CHECK OUT these details... the way they are intersect is SO well thought out and excecuted.  I just LOVE this detail.

View from top floor into dining area

Kids space

There was a common thread in the bathrooms  - they stayed consistent which was refreshing to see. 
Patterned Floors , white subway tile, warm woods, and pops of dark finishes. 


by Frank Lloyd Wright

Do to the respect & privacy of the current homeowner, we were unable to take photos of the inside of the home.  But here are some shots of the Exterior. 

The house was constructed using more than 27,000 concrete "Textile Blocks" ; all made by using decomposed granite extracted from the site. - 1924

 The home has a unique history , including the fact that Frank Lloyd Wright was fired from the project 10 months after construction began and didn't get to complete the interior as he had envisioned.  Then was hired by the subsequent owners where he added a pool and billiards room.
 Wrights "Mayan Temple " inspiration is clear to see
 Building inside and out is composed of blocks - stepping and tapering.
 Stained Glass was not part of Frank Lloyd Wrights original designs for this home, This was a featured added by Mr. & Mrs. Ennis - (we got to see original plans ) 
 Pool built in 1940's
 House is currently under restoration

 House currently owned by Ron Burkle - purchased in 2011
Ennis House opened to AIA/LATours in 2013 for first time. This was the 3rd tour by AIA/LATours and I was very excited to see.   Hope you'll get a chance to experience it someday too.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Light and Airy Kitchen Reno

I LOVE a good Kitchen Reno. 
I LOVE a good Kitchen Reno.  Especially when you are dealing with a VERY old layout!  In today's day and age - Open floor plans are very popular ,  especially in the kitchen and dining areas.  They are functional , inviting and they let light flow from room to room.  As you can see in this space below (in the before image) the Kitchen was very Dark and

Making sure all is correct!
This new kitchen is timeless,  Light and airy.  Simple and Classic , with a surprise pop of color at the end of the kitchen .  This Rust Orange wainscot adds warmth to an otherwise cooler pallet.  It is important to balance out the space with Cool tones and warm tones.  
NEW Powder Room

This Newly added powder bathroom would NOT be the same had we NOT done the Rust Orange wainscot.  Although it is small it adds depth and texture to the space.  Do not be afraid to add wainscot to small spaces, NO it will NOT look too small, it will make the space SO much more interesting.