Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Art on the Road - The Cadillac Ranch

Me tagging my name :)
I took an awesome family road trip this summer, ( Los Angeles, California to Amarillo, Texas ) stopping along some really fun spots, including driving on stretches of route 66 in Arizona and New Mexico too.  I posted photos along the way on should check them photos. 

Does this look familiar?  Well if you have seen Cars the Disney movie or been to Disney's California Adventure (New Cars Land - "Cadillac Range") you've seen the mountains that look like tailfins of Cadillacs, well this is where the Disney Imagineers got their inspiration from.   

Thank goodness my husband likes to do a lot of research before we take vacations....because this is one  spot I really would not have wanted to miss.  It was inspirational . As an artist, I really appreciated the crazy over the top idea of buried Cadillacs, I especially love the fact that this is now a public art installation.  This colorful sculpture installation is on an open field (property owned by Stanley Marsh 3) off the 1-40 Hwy (hard to really make out from afar , so it's a must you get out and walk up to see these up close). Visitors are encouraged to stop by bring their own spray paint cans and spray paint their own designs.  My kids had a blast too unleashing their inner artists....tagging on these Cadillacs .   If you are ever near Amarillo , Texas,  I would say it's worth your time to stop by and unleash your inner artist too.

Cadillac Ranch photo by : Erica Islas
walking up to the can smell the spray paint
Family Photo

Believe it or not, this avant-garde installation was originally done in 1974 by a group of architects a collective group called Ant Farm.  Since then , this sculpture has been repainted various colors for movies or special events and of course daily changes with visitors who come to do their own masterpieces.  Whether you are a car aficionado,  an artist, a Disney fanatic or simply love road trips , It is a fun little stop along historic route 66 with a great photo Op.

BE Inspired !

Monday, July 29, 2013

Scene in LA - Angeleno Magazine

Just a little mention + photo (with husband) in Angeleno magazine (July issue)
 p.109-Scene in L.A.

You might remember back in May I designed a carry-on (click here for info) for the Architecture + Design Museum Gala...Well that's what this lil' mention is about .

"THE PARTY : Design devotees gathered for Celebrate: The Journey, the Architecture + Design Museum's traveled themed gala and runway show featuring the greatest design feats in carry-on luggage."  it goes on to mention.....
"THE PLAYERS: David Hertz, Erica Islas, John Dale, Billy Rose, Jeff Kohl, Kim Mills......"  etc..... 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Poggenpohl - Timeless Beauties

What is it about these Dreamy Kitchens ! ?  
Ahhhh Poggenpohl one does Modern Kitchens like this .

The new +EDITION collection from Poggenpohl combines classic details with modern appeal. This innovative kitchen design features natural walnut wood veneer along with white lacquer cabinetry, available in flat panel or thin frame detail door styles. New black glass upper wall cabinets include the same thin frame details with finished interiors and LED lighting.

When Friedemir Poggenpohl founded the company in 1892, he wanted "to make the kitchen better". 2012 marked the company's 120th anniversary, making it the world’s oldest kitchen brand. During this time the company set major milestones. In 1950, Poggenpohl was the first kitchen manufacturer to present the fitted kitchen. Driven by the power to innovate, it was in 1960 that the company launched the first solid-wood kitchen and in 1967 the kitchen "must": the kitchen island.

Poggenpohl now offers its customers the largest choice of colors and materials that has ever been available in the company’s history. This is where Poggenpohl places emphasis on wooden fronts that give the kitchen a warm and classy look. The new wooden fronts are available in framed and unframed natural walnut and natural ash heartwood. These wooden fronts cut a particularly attractive figure in combination with the latest color shades of "blossom white", "polar white", "sand", "pebble grey", "sand grey", "terra" or "black". The new color diversity is available in the form of direct coating as well as various lacquered finishes.

If you are looking for top of the line functional kitchen cabinets, these timeless beauties are for you.   They are innovative and ahead of their time.   But don't just take it from me, go to your local showroom and open every drawer , see the fabulous finishes, accessories and fine details yourself.  These Kitchens are worth the pretty penny.  There's a reason why Poggenpohl has been around for over 120 years!