Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dwell Magazine July 2011 Feature

One of our Projects was Featured in this Month's issue of Dwell -July/August 2011!  Run out and get your copy if you don't already have it!  It's a fabulous issue with lots of great kids spaces.  Our Feauture is on page 96.  All photos by David Young-Wolff

If you missed last Saturdays' panel at Dwell on Design on Kids Spaces with Erica Islas, here a couple tips she shared and more!  Enjoy!

When designing spaces for kids, it’s important to remember that Kids go thru phases really quickly, so design a space they can grow with.

Example: Think about furniture that has multi-functions – cribs that convert to beds, changing tables that convert to dressers or desks that can change heights, the Stokke Tripp Trapp is a chair that can grow with your child too.

Don’t paint murals of characters…instead get bedding of characters (if that’s your thing) or add wall decals that can easily be peeled off after they outgrow that phase.

“Themes“ do not stay current - instead use Iconic pieces to decorate for a timeless room .

Iconic Pieces Ex: Eames hooks, nelson clocks, Classic Eames chair, Jacobsen Egg chair, Clever Tomato even makes mini versions of these ! which are adorable…they even make a replica of the Bertioa called Lil’ Bert.
Italian lighting - Artemide, LucePlan, Flos, Foscarini, etc….they are Fun! Playful, timeless!

Furniture with clean lines mixed with some vintage adds soul to a room. Keep it simple, nothing too ornate, or ONE ornate piece is ok, keep rest clean lines for a timeless space.

MOST importantly .....
• Get child / kid involved ( they have very creative ideas and know how THEY want to use their space)
BUT !!! don’t ask open ended questions - give them 2 choices based on what has been discusses as needs and wants.

• Use Kid /pet Friendly textiles that can take the wear and tear longer.   For example :
Contract Fabrics like Maharam and Sunbrella – variety colors patterns and textures. Textiles from the 20th century – Eames Dots by Maharam – actually Maharam has a lot ! also Marimekko patterns. Fornasetti designs.
Denim is one of my favorites – used on upholstery, it’sFUN ! totally hip, modern and just timeless . Iconic patterns on fabrics is a great way to also keep things timeless.

• Go Green ! (it’s important we start implementing the importance of sustainability with our children )There is so much product out there that it becomes a matter of choices now a days ,it no longer a problem of availability . Ex: organic natural fiber bedding, buy local, low or no VOC paints, FSC certified wood to build, wool carpets, reclaimed wood floors, etc...

• Creative / Fun Storage solutions ( every kids space needs Storage ! Lot’s of storage, so it’s important to make it Fun for them to tuck their things away, Ex: tables with hidden toy compartment, combination of closed and open shelving for books and toys, vintage lockers come in a variety of BRIGHT powder coated colors)
• Space Plan ! Once the room is designed , then you can have fun with decorating. Form follows function. I approach every project from an architectural perspective, do I need to remove walls ?, make new walls?, built in case goods? Determine the functions of the room and address those issues first. Take advantage of the vertical space as well with storage or even a train track around the top of the room.
Basically what you are doing here is: Designing a room a child can grow into –& you can Decorate with what they like. It’s okay if accessories are Trendy.

MORE Decorating IDEAS for Family and Kids Spaces :

• Mount kids stuff creatively, wheather it be guitars, CD covers, Skateboards, surfboards, sport Jerseys etc….. This personalizes the room and it is Completely UNIQUE !

• Frame art work they have made, there are several ways to hang & display things, there are even Frame kits that have everything you need to display 10 frames in a harmonious way!

• Wallpaper options are endless and Way cool ! Some cool  trendy ideas : Dinosaur fossil wallpaper,  Robots, World Maps, etc….

• Fun Ligne Roset TOGO floor cushions! Colorful, comfy, classic design, something parents can chill on too.

• Kids are activity driven / orientated - so making fun ways to get up and down from beds/ lofts , or install a swing, or crawl into a reading nook is great. Also because they are activity driven – find storage to tuck away all these activities.

• Create cozy place for reading and have a good amount of storage for reading books. KIDS and Parents LOVE books, can never have enough! Then come trophys etc….

Hope you enjoy these few tips !  Until Next time  -

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dwell On Design 2011

I am thrilled to announce that Next week Saturday June 25th, 2011 I will be speaking on a panel at Dwell on Design 2011 on the Innovative Design Stage.
It's all about form follows function and FUN kids spaces!

Click here for details!

Also on Dwell.com Today (front page too) , get a glimpse into the upcoming Kids' Spaces Panel in an interview I did with Dwell Editor,  Miyoko Ohtake.  

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Also don't forget to check out my clients' kids space in the upcoming July/August issue of Dwell on stands on June 28th, or come get your free copy at Dwell on Design 2011 at the L.A Convention Center.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Erica On Houzz.com

It's been a busy week of fun interviews and photo shoots.  Yesterday Houzz.com posted this interview with me on Timeless Kitchen and Baths , so I thought I'd share with you the Befores of two of the projects featured.  We all love to see Before Photos....so here they are..... 

                   Before                                                                              After

Now go check out the interview by Erika Ward for Houzz.com, for some design tips and learn how you can get a timeless Kitchen and Bath too.
Click on this link below....

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sneak Peak .....Fireplace & Molding Details

Here's a sneak peek at a living room we are working on. I thought it would be worth sharing during the progress because of the architectural details we are adding.  We renovated the fireplace and added molding. 

Before 2010
progress 2011

Fireplace "Before" 2010

demo progress 2011

This Fireplace felt out of scale in the room , so we redesigned it to better fit the space .  First of all we changed the shape of it, and lowered the top.  One of the things that bugged me most about this existing fireplace was that the fireplace body was not sitting on the hearth, it extended over the hearth!   So we had the new hearth extend over about 2" on each side as well. 

Next , we added molding to the walls.  Very simple, nothing too ornate, the furnishing will be classic and contemporary for this timeless Living room. 
We first masked off two different patterns to see which was best , by using tape on the walls. Sometimes this works better than our renderings for clients who are not so visual.
Adding Molding to empty walls in a large, open room that doesn't have any architectural details not only adds visual interest, but it makes the room cozier and things start to look more proportioned .

By the way this is the fireplace material.