Monday, January 29, 2018

It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow - The Start of a New Era.

Attending KBIS this year totally reminded me of The Carousel of Progress at Walt Disney World.
I just can't believe All the technology and product Innovations that have developed since the last time I was at KBIS 5 years ago.  We are there .... the Future as seen in the last scene of Carousel of Progress- the age of Voice Activation, touch screen and Wi-Fi Connectivity.

"KBIS was all about Smart Appliances with wi-fi capabilities,  A Lot of voice activated products, touch screen appliances, smart phone connectivity ." quote from KBTRIBECHAT - Erica Islas


Thermador , One of the Sponsors for Modenus Blog Tour KBIS2018, had over 300 new products to debut, I will only highlight a couple on this blog so go check them out for yourselves after reading my highlights.  I will be doing another blogpost soon to cover the other brands that showcased all these wonderful new technologies and innovations in Kitchen appliances too, so check back with me soon.

Continuing to redefine the possibilities
in the kitchen and beyond, Thermador introduced
the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect, an industry exclusive app that takes
the luxury consumer on an exceptional journey by connecting them to exclusive personalized
content, unique partnerships and customized product guidance. Through Home Connect, the Thermador Connected Experience will build
a personal connection with the consumer and
empower them to get the most out of their Thermador suite. 


For Example :
Let's say you found a great recipe... with Home Connect you can Send the appliance and temperature settings straight to your oven! You can now simply follow the step-by-step instructions for the correct method and perfect results. Season your dishes with fresh herbs and spices, and discover all manner of tips on how to use herbs, spices and ingredients.  You can also give your appliances a voice commands using Home Connect with Amazon Alexa to turn them on , off , etc... Isn't this so Neat ?!  It's also really convenient!    We all have busy mornings ... imagine this  "Alexa, tell Home Connect coffee machine to make a cappuccino." You can use this and many other commands to easily control your Home Connect coffee machine. Which means that you have your hands free to do other things.  I personally think this is a great feature for the Aging in place design that is so prevalent in our design industry today.
Freedom induction cooktop

The Thermador collection of ovens include: Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect Cook smarter with Remote Start and mobile notifications that let you know when your food is hot and ready to enjoy.  Aside from the great technology, I LOVE the flush install , vertical alignment , no trim , sleek look of the Masterpiece series with the metallic glass . 

The new Freedom induction cook top was another item they debut .  It is the largest cooking surface on the market... with great features and accessories like the teppanyaki griddle ... Check them out here.

A perfect complement to the sleek, intelligently designed Thermador cook tops, Masterpiece Series Ventilation seamlessly blends into any kitchen aesthetic.
Features : Noise Control Technology, Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect offers added flexibility and personalization, so you can program custom functionality like delay shut-off, mobile notifications, lighting adjustments and more using the mobile app. 
Performance Pairing Feature :  Thermador Masterpiece Series Ventilation is specifically engineered to work with Thermador cooktops. Cooktop Hood Sync Offered with Freedom Induction cooktops. When they are paired: The hood light automatically turns on when the cooktop is turned on.

Everyone was talking about:
The Entertainer’s Dishwasher
The Entertainer’s Dishwasher features a gentle cycle that won’t break or damage glasses, with a no-slip, soft rubber lower rack and adjustable stands specifically designed to keep stems secure.
The Specialty Glass Dishwasher allows you to wash up to 26 large wine glasses or even more smaller ones at once.
Mixed Use Top Rack
Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect features include:
Amazon Dash Replenishment ( YUP , THAT's Right.... your smart dishwasher will re-order replenishment supplies)
Thermador Entertainers DishwasherEasy Start Function Control of appliance through app.  Let's face it ... we live in a world where APP simplify the way we do things.

Refrigeration with Thermafresh system , push assist and self close was another favorite .

.........Now Getting back to my story about Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress , the imagineers on this attraction take us on a journey thru time in a series of vignettes /sets which show an American Family in their home  ( thru animatronics) while noting the changes in innovations and technology as the carousel rotates around the stage and they move onto different eras all while the song "It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow " plays from scene to scene.
Photo by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives
First scene is set in a kitchen pre-electric era 1900's where you have a cast iron stove and an ice box... then it moves to the 20's same setting with updated appliances....40's was beginning of the electric era, Now the scene has a electric appliances , lighting , a TV, and it continues to move thru time until last scene where you are in The Future ... The 21st century .
40's scene Photo from Internet - couln't find photo credit.

In the last scene the family is shown in the Kitchen and Living room Mom is at the computer , kids and Grandma on video games with VR, Dad is cooking in a modern Kitchen with voice activated wall ovens.....the Future is push button living and voice activated .  

Well that's exactly where we are now my friends.... Voice activated lighting controls, appliances, TV , phones and all sorts of technological advancements.   When I saw this attraction for the first time a few years ago, I remember thinking to myself " that would be so cool if Appliances were voice activated"  But I didn't think technology would be moving so quickly in this direction with appliances , BUT I stand corrected,  technology is moving fast in the Kitchen industry as well . SO excited about the future in Kitchen appliances.   I'm getting ready to re-do my own Kitchen soon and excited to incorporate some new innovated products from these wonderful brands who are so forward thinking. 


Lastly , I'd like to mention how gracious our Sponsor was ... Not only did Thermador (along with other sponsors including KBIS)  paid for flights, hotel accommodations, some meals, for this KBIS trip I was on with 24+ other influential interior designers and bloggers from around the world, THEY also threw an EPIC party! The food stations were insane! SO good!  Full hosted bar and THE Entertainment.... ONE REPUBLIC!  It was THE Party to be at.  Had SOO much fun !  Thank you Thermador for always taking it up a notch ! Excited to have been there for the unveiling of all your products.



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