Monday, March 14, 2011

March 2011 Newsletter

March Newsletter is out ! Check out the Before and Afters of this bathroom renovation

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunbrella Fabric

Design Tip :  Using Sunbrella Fabric

For families looking to upholster their furniture to stand up to the rigors of children or pets,  Sunbrella is the perfect fabric! 

Upholstery can take a beating sometimes, especially in places in your house that get a lot of use. That's why we like to use Sunbrella fabric. Easy to clean and durable, Sunbrella is also gorgeous, which means we never have to weigh practicality against looks!

Here at EMI Interior Design, we almost always use Sunbrella fabric in Breakfast Nooks on bench cushions and pillows.

This way, there is no more crying over spilled milk! or anything else for that matter.


Because it's water resistant, Sunbrella is a great choice for decorating your bathroom with a chic and durable shower curtain. 

Our Clients love it and think its Brilliant !
We love it and think it's Chic!

Try these simple design tips on your next project, and let us know what you think !

Take a look at Sunbrella's website here to see their variety of styles!