Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Orleans Trip Recap PART 1

Blog Tour New Orleans was an amazing trip !  
Dinner at the infamous SoBou Restaurant where they serve Louisiana street food inspired cuisine. The food, ambience and company was excellent!  Great start to the first day.  

  Had Beignets for my very first time.... These were Butternut Squash Beignets.... They were as delicious as they look .

Thank you Modenus . It was SO good! Way to kick off #Blougtournnola!

Before going back to the hotel,  a couple of us took a slight detour to walk off our food and we stumbled upon one of the most famous bars in America, the Napoleon House.  

Rebecca, Tamara , Patricia & Me #Blogtournola
Our second day was a treat at Luke's Brassierre, a John Besh restaurant on St. Charles Avenue.  Yup, we had beignets again, with chocolate this time :)  And Chicory coffee :)  I was loving all the southern flavors.  Breakfast was hosted by the lovely KBIS people.  KBIS by the way , was awesome...more on the show on the next post, where I talk about the products I loved at KBIS.

Side note: Next year in 2014, KBIS will be in Las Vegas together with IBS ( International Builders Show).  This will be an amazing event, two shows, two associations in one place to see and connect every aspect of residential construction and remodeling.  

Next, we took a Streetcar ride down St. Charles and then took a walking scenic tour through The Garden District known for it's rich historical architecture.  Courtney Price's Blog says it all . Click Here.

More walking through Magazine Street , visiting local design and antique shops, with a final stop at Shaun Smith Home where he graciously hosted a lovely afternoon shin ding.

But that wasn't all.... 
We then headed to Meet & Greet Miles Redd for his book signing "The Big Book of Chic" at the Ogden Museum.

Exhausted.... after a long day.... was quickly remedied by Mr. Steam who hosted an amazing almost 3 hour dinner!  That's how good conversation and food was.  Mr. Steam ( actually is was Mrs. Steam who was there) spoiled us at Bayona Restaurant which is located in the French Quarter in a charming 200 year old cottage.    It was a perfect evening .


The Red Head, Blond and Brunette  - AKA - Veronika's Angels ( Charlie's Angels)
Meredith Heron, Patricia Davis Brown & Me at Bayona , New Orleans.

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  1. I love your post, it's such a nice tour! Looks like you had a great trip. :)