Saturday, April 27, 2013

Home Spa with Mr. Steam / Spa en casa con Mr. Steam

Photography by David Young-Wolff - Design by EMI Interior Design, inc.
Bathroom renovations are by far one of my favorite design projects to undertake.  I love creating a bathing experience for the client.  

The Bathroom is the first room you go to in the morning and probably the last room before you go to bed, so why not make it a retreat.  

El baño es la primera sala en la que uno va a la mañana y, probablemente, la última habitación antes de ir a la cama, así que ¿por qué no lo convierten en un refugio.

Home spas are not a trend, they are very common now a days and they are really easy to create. You simply have to start with a steam shower of course. The health benefits of steam showers are so rewarding.

  Steamtherapy is great for your skin, helps relieve tired muscles, naturally detoxes your body of impurities, and much more.   Best part of creating a spa retreat at home is you can customize it with other cool features.  Imagine an aroma therapy steam?  How about Chroma therapy?  

Steamtherapy es ideal para la piel, ayuda a aliviar los músculos cansados​​, desintoxica naturalmente su cuerpo de impurezas, y mucho más. La mejor parte de la creación de un refugio de spa en casa es que usted puede personalizarlo con otras características interesantes. Imagina una terapia de vapor aromático? ¿Qué hay de Chroma terapia?

Check out this Video on SteamTherapy.

Haga clic en el video en SteamTherapy.
Mr.Steam’s® full spectrum Chromasteam™ mood lighting system and Aromasteam™ aromatic essential oils system renews mind, body and spirit.
 Click and Create your own home spa with Mr. Steam's Virtual Spa.   It's really simple to use.

Haga clic y Crea tu propio spa en casa con Spa Virtual de Mr. Steam. Es realmente fácil de usar.

And who doesn't love a warm towel.  Okay, I have to admit , that is spoiling yourself, but why not, don't you deserve it ? I haven't met a client who has opposed a towel warmer when I offer it.

  Next time you are designing/renovating a bathroom think about creating a bathing experience, a home spa, a retreat to relax in and reap the benefits.  Start with a Mr.Steam unit and top it off with a Mr.Steam Towel warmer.

Photo: Mr.Steam . Towel warmer

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