Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Future Of Taste: A Great Holiday Read From Standard Magazine And Our Predictions For The New Year

In the design industry, there is a little known secret. All the trends for the year are actually set at the end of the previous year at a secret meeting. A cabal of industry insiders gather in the Autumn to discuss the future season, what will be hot and (perhaps more importantly) what will be not.

These are the Tastemakers.

The Holiday Nostalgia issue of Standard Magazine took us into the world of the Tastemakers' Dinner, where the future is made.

Ok, so maybe it's not that dramatic, but the Tastemakers' Dinner certainly was an exciting place to be for anyone creatively inclined! Plus, there was delicious food and great wine.

The Tastemakers' Dinner, hosted by Kelly LaPlante of Standard Magazine, was a collection of sixteen talented and creative individuals involved in various industries. The media world was represented, as were the design and artistic worlds. It truly was a meeting of the minds, full of friendly and interesting people! And the wine! Did we mention the wine?

Our own Erica Islas was at this dinner. Each of the guests were asked to fill out a card about their predictions for the trends in the upcoming year, but who can really focus long enough in such an amazing atmosphere to write down a complete answer to such a question!

Erica Islas wasn't able to completely fill out her answer card because:

a) she got a little carried away with the open bar... how could she resist?

b) she was too engrossed in conversation with David Metzler of Free Range Media about the future of reality television. (Snooki's getting her own spin-off?!)

c) she may or may not have dropped her pen in the punch bowl and couldn't find it later when she had to answer the question.

d) all of the above

Now that she's managed to find her pen again, she's decided to jot down a more thorough answer to the question.

So, how's 2011 going to look?

We will see use of uplifting color as we exit this recession – people are starting to spend again!

Spending doesn't mean wasting, though and people are ready to renew, reuse and recycle – they'll invest in the right pieces for their home.

Everyone will crave custom, bespoke design – Form Follows Function!

Mixing metals will become more popular. EMI has been doing it for years, but you’ll see more gold and silver together – Don’t be afraid! If it’s done on the runway, you can
 do it in your home.

We'll also see juxtaposing details and more avant-garde design – EMI is doing it with their kitchens and baths: traditional vanities and cabinetry get modern edge detail countertops. Modern cabinetry will get a classic, traditional edge detail countertop. We'll see a rustic look combined with BLING and glamorous, blinged-out rooms with a pop of rustic.

People will be pushing the envelope with original BOLD art.

Design is moving in a whimsical and playful direction, so we will be seeing a lot of artisan accessories with lots and lots of colors.

Oh, and so much more! Just stay tuned.

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