Monday, November 8, 2010

Fortunate Find For The Big Bear Project!

As many of you might know, the Big Bear project is underway and we're in the process of turning an old property into a seasonal escape where we can build great family memories.

We got lucky this week when we stumbled upon a great addition to the Big Bear project at the Timothy Oulton showroom at HD Buttercup. We came across this pair of vintage German skis and poles dating from around the late 1930s. These hickory flat top skis come complete with bamboo ski poles and original metal "bear trap" and leather bindings for the feet. At the bottom of each pole, there are leather wrapped metal rings for extra support in the snow. With winter right around the corner, this is just what we need to make sure our snowy getaway has a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The authentic, pre-fiberglass era skis would make an organic addition just above the mantle or master bedroom headboard. Or casually leaning in a corner, they would add extra character and atmosphere to the living room as they recall simpler times of coming out of the cold, shaking off the snow and sitting in front of a warm fire with a cup of hot cocoa.

Shopping accessories like a Pro.

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