Thursday, September 9, 2010

Launch of Standard Magazine

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Standard Magazine . An eco-magazine where sustainability is not touted as a special feature… it is bottom-baseline criteria. Standard was created by my very dear friend Kelly La Plante. She is an extrodinary interior designer who inspires me and is passionate about introducing us to new eco-product and design and more importantly educating the world that "Green is a Standard , Not a Style".

Before Kelly launched her magazine we had lunch at the SLS , as I wanted to go there to find inspiration (Phillip Starck) for my latest Big Bear cabin project. As we talked about my project and got deeper and deeper in conversation about it , she asked " are you going to make it eco-friendly?" nodding her head. And then it occured to me.......that I hadn't thought about it, and my answer was "Yes, why not? " Why not make the effort and make smarter choices in materials ? I wouldn't be compromising the design. Anyhow, to say the least, I was insprired as Kelly gave me some great tips and product info. It's not like I haven't done it before. I try to design with sustainable materials and often as I get the opportunity. Now with the launch of her magazine , I won't be the only one getting inspired . I hope you will enjoy the very first issue of standard Magazine, which is remarkable and first of its kind. I honestly couldn't get enough. Congratulations to Kelly and her incredible staff ! Your magazine Rocks !

Kelly La Plante and Erica Islas at the SLS

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