Monday, September 13, 2010


Custom millwork is one of my favorites things to design as an interior designer , it's the only architectural element of the room sometimes !

Bookcases are exciting to design, especially if you have a client who is a world traveler and has an exquisite collection of art and sculpture. Lucky for me, that was the case here. This particular client has one of the most amazing collections of "stuff" I've ever seen.

We haven't photographed the completion of this room, but we custom designed and detailed this bookcase for my client who wanted a bookshelf built around the antique wood train featured here. Of course it's now filled with many books and great sculpture all perfectly stylized and very well lived in. It looks even better, now that it's all filled.

Here's a great link for inspiration of other AMAZING and UNUSUAL bookcases. Enjoy !
35 Really Unusual and Desirable Bookshelf Designs.

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