Monday, October 23, 2017

Before and After Kitchen Renovation

Wow !  I didn't realize I haven't done a blog post for over a year ! Guess we've been pretty busy with design projects.  Will try and post more often.  Personally I LOVE before and afters  - and so I wanted to share this recent renovation we did which has a good transformation .


Most of our renovations are complete demo's .  We love working with a clean slate !

Now this Kitchen is Open and bright .   Accents of brass is classic , not a fad or trend.  Many clients are afraid to do it ... thinking it's just a trend .  But it stays timeless when mixed with other metals.
White Kitchens are always great especially when you introduce a contrast color for the island . 

Don't forget the 5th wall ... the Ceiling !   We added molding to the ceiling to give it some architectural detailing .   Speaking of architectural detailing... we also arched some doorways and raised the ceiling .    Kitchens design is not just pretty materials and nice appliances , it begins with a good space plan , finding clever ways to borrow space from other rooms and make it all functional .  The aesthetic is always in the back of my mind , but I truly believe form follows function.


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