Monday, June 3, 2013

TOTO - People .Planet. Water.

I Love TOTO!  They have always been one of my favorite companies for bathroom products and my plumbers LOVE when I specify it for renovations.  It's really a no brainer to use them.  Their product is innovative, functional and they have something for every design style.

At this years KBIS , I saw some amazing products, and TOTO was one of them.

Toto's Air injection technology is pretty amazing.  You can't feel too much of a difference with a regular shower head, BUT you can SEE the difference in how much water is saved with TOTO's air injection technology.  TOTO had a great display demonstrating just that.  Here (photo below) I am testing it out with the Modenus BlogtourNola team.

The TOTO Shower Systems’ overhead rain showerhead uses patented air injection technology to increase the volume of water in each droplet by innovatively drawing air in through the showerhead and pumping it into the water droplet – enlarging and increasing their volume. To further enhance the showering experience, the overhead water falls in short, pulsating intervals.

TOTO’s products, technological innovations, operations, and policies demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainability that dates back to its incorporation in 1917 when “environmental stewardship” was one of the company’s founding missions. Respect for the environment is embedded in the culture at TOTO. Whether it is engineering high-efficiency toilets, faucets, and showers or implementing a closed-loop paper-recycling system.

People. Planet. Water.

Water Conservation Advocacy
TOTO plays a significant role in leading the sustainability movement in the plumbing industry. In fact, its active role in advancing policy and leading certification organizations demonstrates how its products and practices to help ensure environmental responsibility:

  • TOTO USA is the only plumbing manufacturer to receive the EPA’s Water Efficiency Leader Award 
  • TOTO is the first plumbing products manufacturer to have employees become sustainability experts by gaining LEED Accredited Professional status 
  • TOTO is the first major plumbing products manufacturer to join the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and is a founding member of the Alliance for Water Efficiency. 
  • TOTO partners with the EPA to help develop the language of the WaterSense program and to help establish the testing criteria to validate the integrity of the high-efficiency product performance.

Besides all the wonderful innovative features, TOTO offers really great looking products.  New this year at KBIS was this Wyeth suite.  It is timeless and a must have on my next project.

 AIMES Suite happens to be one of my Favs!  Can you see why ?

What's Your Favorite TOTO Suite?

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