Friday, January 4, 2013

How to Enhance the architectural Beauty of problematic Windows

These two projects had problematic windows. Problematic in the sense that they were ugly in their current context.  They stuck out like a sore thumb because they were disconnected from the rest of the space.  Having too much negative/empty space around a window draws more attention to them.

This bathroom renovation was a fun challenge.  I decided to frame out the windows and incorporate them into the mirror design.  

By framing out the mirror and windows together we visually created ONE thing to look at.  

Then we took it one step further and framed up the rest of the wall above the window and added more mirror.  We created an entire wall of glass/mirror adding architectural visual interest to a space that lacked it.

AFTER BATHROOM PHOTO - Design By Erica Islas
The result is attractive windows.

We had another similar experience on another project, see here below.


This Kitchen renovation also had issues with windows.  Client hated the windows; they said they hated them because it didn’t allow for them to have upper cabinets.

It was obvious that there was too much going on, the space felt busy, fussy, and the windows stood out like a soar thumb.  But I actually loved the windows… I loved their shaped and immediately envisioned upper cabinets installed horizontally under the windows.  Horizontal cabinets make it (ergonomically) easier to get to stuff.  

AFTER PHOTO-  Design by Erica Islas
Another thing to consider with windows is to connect them to something else in the space.  For example, in the Kitchen above, the windows are framed in wood, so I used a similar wood color for the lower cabinets.  Connecting the problematic windows to something else in the space helps you see the space as a whole.   

We also added a FULL backsplash all the way up to the windows. This creates another visual horizontal band.

Once the problematic windows are addressed, the rest of the renovation falls into place with a great design plan and selection of a great finishes.