Friday, November 30, 2012

High Point Market Fall 2012

It took me a while to decompress from all the excitement from High point market in October .  I mean it was Ah-mazing!   I especially had a great time because I was in the company of two lovely and talented designers the entire trip.  There was not a dull moment with these two fabulous ladies, Michelle Workman & Shirry Dolgin .
Today ,  I finally went thru all the business cards and brochures that I collected at High Point Market and then I realized... I had not done a post about high point market.  Truth is, design is not always glamourous!  I have been swamped with projects and buried in construction documents since I returned,  ALL of which is great, but it left me very little time to write a post .  But today we are taking a little break to talk about all the Fun we had during this great trip to North Carolina for High Point Market.

There was a lot to see and a lot to take in at High
Point, but some events and some Showrooms really stood out.  Amongst my favs' were Palecek's new collaboration with Million Dollar Decorator ....Jeffrey Alan Marks.

The collection is modern and earthy, a mix I love.  This was exactly was Palecek was missing.

Pictured here: L to R- Shane Inman, Ross Cassidy,Michelle Workman, Shirry Dolgin & Erica Islas, Front& Center Jeffrey Alan Marks & Gretchen Aubochon .

The Acrylic Antlers were another one of my favorite finds .

Just Love these!

Shagreen was Very popular.  This was one of my favorites Faux Shagreen pieces.

Cyan Design was a fun new shop for me .... it had some great quirky pieces ... this table lamp was a favorite.

With the lovely ladies of Decor Mentor - ( Elaine Williamson, Lisa Ferguson, Kati Curtis, Me - Erica Islas & Jennifer Brouwer ) in Tango Tangerine color of the year for 2012
With Tom Felicia
Ginna From Marc Phillips Rugs at the Market Square

There are too many other companies to mention, Arteriors, Halo, .....

Last , But certainly not least, was our visit with Sunbrella another one of my favorites companies and sources.  Did you know they make these amazing cozy throws!  YES! They can be left outdoors!

There was so much to see and so much to do , and oh! all the parties... it was endless fun!

The energy at High Point Market is extremely high & inspirational and I can't wait to go again .  Imagine an entire city dedicated to design & furnishing, there's no other place in the world like it.  Until next time.....

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