Thursday, February 23, 2012

Glamour and Glitz Brizo Fashion Week Part 2 : Jason Wu Fashion Show

Fashion week went by too fast ! It's so true that time flies when you are having fun..... I was having a blast !  Thanks to Brizo who sponsored me and 18 others (a.k.a Blogger19) to NYC for fashion week .
Now for part II of this amazing 2-1/2 day Brizo Fashion Week event.  The last day lived up (+ so much more) to the glamour and glitz one would expect at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week in New York.

Friday morning started with a lovely Champagne Brunch and round-table discussion with Brizo. This was again another favorite part of this event. The exchange of ideas between designers and the Brizo team was effortless and engaging.  I was very impressed by how receptive and open to feedback the Brizo team is,  it really allows for an on going relationship.  The conversation, Food and Champagne were flowing.

Brizo ended the session by passing out another gift ( they were full of surprises). In this box was a limited edition,  signed and numbered lithograph.  Lastly they handed us our personal invitations for the Jason Wu 2012 Fall runway show for later that afternoon.  Of course that meant wardrobe change # 2 for the day.  One more to go.... 

The rest of the day flew by !
Rolling VIP in our black tinted window suburbans, we arrive at the Jason Wu 2012 Fall Fashion show.

The show was spectacular.  Best 12 minute show ever!  Yeah, that's how quick these runway shows are.  (see video below)  It was a dramatic entrance through the large gold studded red doors.  Fog rolled out through the doors as they slowly opened and drums began to sound.  Out came the first model trotting down the runway.  It was all about rich reds, black, gold, military green, studs, fur, belted jackets inspired by his Chinese heritage, with a strong military influence and Qing Dynasty opulence.  Oh and high slick ponytails ! The ending was exhilarating and powerful , beautifully orchestrated with the models marching out in rows . See video below.

Jason Wu taking a bow for his incredible Fall collection

The after party at the MPE Penthouse was intimate and sweet.
(photo by Jayme Thorton)
Which allowed for a Q and A with the talented and witty Mr. Jason Wu.
(photo by Jayme Thorton)
  The views were we took Lot's of photos....
Erika Ward , Michelle Workman, Lisa Ferguson

Shane Inman, Ronique Gibson , Niki McNeill
Michelle Workman and Me (Erica Islas)

Back row: Nicole Zeigler ,Cynthia Hernandez , Ronique Gibson,Erika Ward, Shane Inman,Shay Geyer , Lisa Ferguson, ChrisLaumer-Giddens
Front row : Michelle Workman,Amy Dragoo , Jill Seidner, Lisa Smith, Liz Joy , Erica Islas , Niki McNeill, Jason Wu , Jennifer Duchene, Carrie Leskowitz, Ann Maxwell Foster, Gretchen Aubuchon
(photo by Jayme Thorton)

Jason Wu and me talking about his dress.   (photo by Jayme Thorton)

Jason Wu and Erica Islas (me) in Jason Wu Dress ( love the pockets! in this dress)  (photo by Jayme Thorton)

I couldn't be more thankful to Brizo for Flying me out to NYC on this all expense paid trip.  They were so attentive and so amazing.  I am happy to be part of their family ( Blogger19 alumni).  I had such an incredible time !   Thank you Brizo.
Until next time.....
The Amazing Brizo Team!   (photo by Jayme Thorton)

More photos on my twitter & facebook  pages sure to follow if you don't already. 

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  1. Looks like an amazing time. Congrats EMI-- way to represent the West Coast :)

    By the way, you look great in the Jason Wu dress!