Friday, December 16, 2011

Kuba Textiles

Nothing makes a space more interesting than authentic, handmade accessories. Here's something that is trendy right now that has been around for a very long time, so it is sure to stand the test of time. This little design tip is something that we think would make the perfect flourish for pretty much any design style, from modern to traditional. We happen to be using it in our most recent project, a contemporary interpretation of the classic French chateau.

Kuba cloth is a handwoven textile that comes from the Congo basin in Central Africa. The Kuba people have been making these gorgeous cloths for hundreds of years, primarily for ceremonial events. The process actually has a great significance in Kuban culture and can involve whole families and clans.

The Kuba people weave their cloth from the fibers of the Raphia Vinifera Palm, which they collect and strip by hand. The various patterns – made through weaving dyed fibers into the base cloth – traditionally distinguish different ethnic groups from one another, but the Kuba people have also made this cloth for export for many years.


You can pick up Kuba textiles at several places, like Malabar Coast Living, even online at places like and at Horchow. The cloth works in all sorts of ways, whether you are looking for runners for your table, pillows or art to display, the intricate patterns and geometric designs of Kuba cloth really bring a room to life.

I personally used it in my Dining room as Art / Window treatment.  You can't tell there's a window there can you?  Instead all you see is a wonderful piece of art work.

If you're interested in seeing Kuba cloth, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has a collection of some of this amazing craftsmanship.

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