Friday, June 10, 2011

Sneak Peak .....Fireplace & Molding Details

Here's a sneak peek at a living room we are working on. I thought it would be worth sharing during the progress because of the architectural details we are adding.  We renovated the fireplace and added molding. 

Before 2010
progress 2011

Fireplace "Before" 2010

demo progress 2011

This Fireplace felt out of scale in the room , so we redesigned it to better fit the space .  First of all we changed the shape of it, and lowered the top.  One of the things that bugged me most about this existing fireplace was that the fireplace body was not sitting on the hearth, it extended over the hearth!   So we had the new hearth extend over about 2" on each side as well. 

Next , we added molding to the walls.  Very simple, nothing too ornate, the furnishing will be classic and contemporary for this timeless Living room. 
We first masked off two different patterns to see which was best , by using tape on the walls. Sometimes this works better than our renderings for clients who are not so visual.
Adding Molding to empty walls in a large, open room that doesn't have any architectural details not only adds visual interest, but it makes the room cozier and things start to look more proportioned .

By the way this is the fireplace material.

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