Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting Started this first week in the New Year.

Every Year I set goals for EMI Interior Design and myself, and it's not necessarily on the last day of the year,  but at the beginning of the year when I start to put together a calendar of projects and see what we have in store for the next couple of months.  

It's then when I realize what we will doing the rest of the year and I set forth other goals that will help me and my company grow.  What I like about my goals is that I set a high bar and therefore making it challenging for myself, so that I don't slack or become complacent.  I constantly check (weekly/ monthly) to see what we got accomplished  and what is left to be done , and I push myself toward the goal every time I see the list.  Of course these goals are always realistic and within reach with lot's of hard work and dedication. 

For Example, last year a couple of my personal and business goals that I set out at the beginning of January '10 were to Get a Contractors License, buy a Vacation home in Big Bear, take a big vacation, Help with a charity project , Get new office space, and couple other smaller things.   
Today I am proud to say that we have completed all these goals, including the renovation of Big Bear and are now renting it out to for the 2011 Snow Season !  Not to mention we also got published 4x's in 2010! So this week on Monday/Tuesday, I set out a whole new set of fun & challenging goals: 5 for me , 5 for my business and I hope to get most , if not all, done by the end of this year.

I whole-heartily believe that you can get what you want , but you have to write it down as a goal and look at it everyday, and ask yourself daily what you need to do to make it happen.  I do this every year, and always have great results. I encourage you to do the same, set some goals, believe in yourself, work hard and diligently and you too shall accomplish them.

Happy New Year Everybody ! May your 2011 year be Joyous and Prosperous.

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  1. I'm also thinking of getting a new home office. It's one of my goals this year. I'm working from home so it's a wise decision to have my own working space. My daughter is so excited about the idea. She told her Dad that it's good to search in magazines and blogs online for design inspiration. I'm thinking of a modern, functional and spacious home office so it's perfect to pattern our design with the elegant meeting rooms (Charlotte, NC area) offices. Charlotte office spaces are considered elegant and modern based on my research. Thanks for sharing!