Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tree House

Now that's a Tree House ! What better way to get your kids to play outside? We spend countless hours out in our backyard with our children, and all the neighbor kids and parents. We are loving our tree house and all the added little details. Most recently we added the sandbox and the recyled tire "rubber bark" to the play area under the tree house. The rubber bark is perfect for softening the fall, aesthetically it looks great (kinda looks like the water), and most importantly It is enviormentally friendly. So forget about Nintendo, PlayStation, Wii or what ever video games you play, get out there and play outside ! Use your imagination.
Kids love the Sandbox! And Mom loves the blue rubber bark!
Who's going down the super slide first? There is only ONE way down !


  1. Argh! Here thar be pirates!

    Lucky kids.

  2. I just love the blue rubber bark. Not only is it a cool idea to help keep the area clean, but its BLUE!